Why We're playing Dress Up.

Why We're playing Dress Up.

Posted by J Barbush on

At Cast Iron LA, we're not just theorists—we're doers. Nestled in the heart of West Valley (818) Los Angeles, we've been pioneering digital marketing since the dial-up days. Our ethos? "Participation leads to inspiration." And it's with that spirit animal that we introduce Milk Sandwich, our playful yet calculated venture into the apparel game.

Our Philosophy Woven into Every Thread

Let's get real. We've been in the game long enough to see marketing evolve, and adapt we did. Blogs, social media—you name it, we've ventured into it. Because to truly understand and make work for a platform, you need to connect with that experience yourself. Milk Sandwich is our next canvas, our experiment in continued Shopify mastery.

Always the Underdog, Never the Underachiever

We launched Cast Iron LA when we were 50. Why? Because fresh starts and new projects aren't just for the young; they're for the young at heart. We pride ourselves on being the efficient underdogs, constantly tackling new challenges head-on. Same for Milk Sandwich.

It’s About Having Skin in the Game

Milk Sandwich isn't just another line of tees—it's a living lab for our marketing innovations. It gives us skin in the game, a chance to apply our ad minds in a new way, and get insights that we can pass directly to our clients.

An LA Brand With a Universal Message

Being LA-based means we're tapped into one of the world’s most dynamic cultural hubs. It also means we have a responsibility to inject that diversity and verve into everything we do. Milk Sandwich is our love letter to LA, but its message—of whimsy, wit, and daring—is universal.

Don’t Just Wear It—Live It

Every shirt is a conversation starter, a flash of the audacious creativity that Cast Iron LA is all about. From “LOL Farts” to “Say Gay,” these shirts aren’t just fabric; they’re fabrications of our collective imagination. And we invite you to take part in the dialogue. 

What's Up.